GM Construction and Maintenance INC
    GM Construction is committed to provide fast and reliable service to our
    customers; quality and satisfaction are never compromised. Every project
    regardless of the size  is handled with care and respect.  Honesty drives our
    business everyday paving the way for long lasting relationships and referral

    Our company was originally created to serve commercial and public applications,
    providing a wide range of services and support to our customers. Cooperation
    with very respectable companies in the field of restoration and preservation of
    historic buildings and California landmarks have been a very successful and
    rewarding experience.

    GM Construction has expanded to residential applications providing support to
    homeowner associations, apartment complexes, management companies, real
    estate firms and individual homeowners that need construction and maintenance
    services. We provide a wide range of services to meet  your needs whether
    commercial or residential.

    Please feel free to navigate our site for additional information and a more specific
    list of services offered.

    We are a licensed, insured and bonded company based in Sunnyvale, California
    that serves the Bay Area.

    CSL #885229
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